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Lessons that last a Lifetime

All parents wonder excitedly what their child’s first words will be and then there are those who wonder in what language they’ll hear them. For some families, multilingualism helps keep cultural and ethnic heritage alive; others are drawn to the promise of personal and professional opportunities in the future. Either way, multilingualism has been proven to offer immediate cognitive advantages to kids and to help their brains work more efficiently. At Atlanta International Nursery we prepare children for a bright future through our  immersion programs.

Our Environment

We teach our students how to care about their environment and the world. Our lessons teach our students about pollution and how we can work together to keep our earth clean.

We minimize our trash and use of plastics, by using lunch plate and utensils that are non disposable. Lunch that is not eaten is sent home, and parents are encouraged to use reusable containers when packing lunch.

Our Virtues

Virtues are an important part of our curriculum and each month focus on a new virtue. This is a great way to shape a child's heart, so that they can grow knowing that their positive actions can make a difference in the world.  We encourage our parents to support this through proactive parenting.