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AIN encourages social and physical development, creative arts and academics. Teachers are professionals qualified by degree or preschool education experience and use recognized and respected educational materials and programs. The environment fosters school readiness in a nurturing, caring manner honoring the need for balance between structure and free play in young children. All classes include music and movement, language development, art, Spanish and cooking.

The absolute most important thing that your child must discover in preschool is that learning is fun! Experts now agree that learning needs to be play-based and engaging. That is why we have our day program and enrichment activities to give a balance to everyday learning.


For children 8 weeks - 13 Months 
Student-to-educator ratio is typically 3:1
80% Spanish Immmersion


For 1-year-olds and sometimes younger 2’s
Student-to-educator ratio is typically 8:1.
80% Spanish Immersion

Preschool - Pre K

For 2 year-olds and 3 year olds

Student-to-educator ratio is typically 8:1

For children ages 4 years  and 5 years 
Student-to-educator ratio is typically 10:1.

80% Spanish Immersion


Extra Curricular Activites





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